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Halcon Resources Corporation (HK) – Added to watchlist

2 May

Halcon Resources Corporation’s stock took a massive tumble today falling more than 10% intraday. Must have been some bad news.

But, I like the way the day ended with a long wick candle near resistance area. This stock is clearly on a downtrend since it hit it’s high in Feb 9, 2012. But, I’m looking for a nice bounce off resistance.

If the stock opens up early tomorrow, I may go long 500 shares with a stop below today’s closing price. Price target of $6 which is new resistance.

Here is Halcon Resource Corporation’s stock chart today:

Halcon Resources Corporation Stock Chart - May 02, 2013


S&P 500 (SPY) ETF Short Trade Update

2 May

The markets rallied a bit today on some good news. This caused me to get stopped out of my short setup on the S&P 500 yesterday. My stop was at $159.50 and the high for today was $159.89. Looking at the price action, with the high being rejected today and price closing at $159.75, I decided to re initiate my short position. The volume today was low at about 93m shares.

I shorted at $159.80 at around 3:35pm today. I put my stop above today’s high at $160 just to give it some breathing room.

Here is the SPY’s chart today:

S&P 500 Daily Stock Chart

Raymond James Financial (RJF) Long Trade Update

2 May

I didn’t even want to look at this trade yesterday in fear I might get stopped out. But, it came roaring back with the market today. Nothing too exciting though compare to my cost. I was a little indecisive about whether I should take the miniscule profit today since the candle hit up against the 8-day moving average today. I decided to hang on to the position and raise my stop because of the above average volume today. Here is Raymond James Financial’s stock chart today:

Raymond James Financial Stock Chart - 5/2/2013

Tesla Motors (TSLA) Short Trade Update

2 May

Tesla Motor’s (TSLA) stock made a valiant effort for a comeback today but was rejected putting up another nice candle showing bears rejecting its high of $55.27.

The stochastic dipped down below overbought level of 80 today adding additional confirmation more red candles are coming for Tesla Motor’s (TSLA) stock.

I continue to wait this one out looking for at least one big red candle to take some profits.

I tightened my stops today to $55.30 from $55.99 yesterday. Here is Tesla Motor’s stock chart today.

Tesla Motor's Stock Chart on 5/2/2013

IBM – International Business Machines

1 May

IBM continues to recover from its nose dive racking up $3.39 or 1.70%. Moved up stop loss to $198. Volume continues to increase with this move up. It’s always good to have volume confirmation.