My First Watchlist

30 Apr

On April 24, 2013, I started using TC2000 to create a custom scan to help me find stocks which I labeled as “Swing Lows”. These are stocks which are currently oversold and could soon form a “swing low” price action setup. If I feel the stock is a trade-able stock, I will add it to my “Swing Low” watch list.

On the first day of my scan, I added the following stocks to my watch list: EBAY (eBay), FLR (First Solar), GE (General Electric), QEP (QEP Resources), IBM (IBM), CTSH (Cognizant Technology Solution Group), and PG (Procter & Gamble). I’m encouraged because since 4/24, most of these have shown positive gains except eBay.

Everyday, I will run my scan on the market to try and find new stocks to add to my watch list and analyze those which is already on my watch list. Those that have failed to follow through or have reached price targets, I will remove my my watch list.

So, here we go….


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